About Us

Sergejs Hripunovs

Owner of Luxury Only Kittens.

From my earliest memories, my heart was always happiest amidst the company of cats and other animals in the sprawling countryside of my childhood.

Days were joyously spent in the simple pleasures of playing with my feline friends, an experience that deeply ingrained within me a profound love for these creatures.

My first true companion was a kitten named Max, whose arrival sparked a dream: to share the happiness and companionship of cats with others.

Motivated by a visit to a renowned feline sanctuary, a place where cats roamed with grace and were treated with reverence, I was inspired to make my dream a reality. I decided to channel my passion into a business that brings the same joy I found in those childhood playtimes to families across the US.

Thus, I established my cattery, specializing in affectionate breeds. It is my hope that through this endeavor, I can provide homes with the joy, laughter, and comfort that come from living with these majestic animals, ensuring every cat enjoys a life enveloped in love and happiness


Luxury Only Kittens is a proud registered member
of TICA & WCF (World Cat Federation)!

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